International Mineral Exploration Services in Myanmar

Valentis is committed to maintaining the highest professional standards and contributing to the development of Myanmar's mining industry. With a combination of international expertise and on-ground execution capability in Myanmar, we deliver cost-effective solutions at a world-class standard.

1. Exploration Services

1. Exploration Services

Valentis offers turnkey exploration services, drawing on the skill, experience and local knowledge of our combined Australian and Myanmar team.

Turn-Key Exploration Services

  • Valentis undertakes and project manages all stages of exploration activity.
  • Our Australian and Myanmar team has expertise and experience ranging from grassroots exploration to resource and mining geology.
    Our services include:
    • Mineral systems targeting and project generation
    • Geochemistry
    • Mapping and field investigations
    • Drill program planning and supervision
    • Exploration strategy and project management
    • 3D geological modelling and JORC compliant resource definition

JORC / International Standards

  • All work is undertaken to JORC standards with a view to identifying international investors for projects.
  • Valentis recently developed the first modern day JORC (2012) resource for one of Myanmar’s most historical mines, the Bawdwin mine.
2. Geophysics

2. Geophysics

The Valentis-Austhai joint venture offers regional and project scale geophysical surveys including ground EM, and IP surveys.


  • Valentis Austhai provides geophysical and geotechnical services to the resources sector in Myanmar.
  • We have existing equipment and trained operators in Myanmar and Thailand.
  • Our services include:
    • Geophysical project design
    • Field acquisition and supervision
    • IP, EM, Ground Magnetic, Radiometric and Gravity Surveys, Seismic,
    • Geotechnical and Groundwater
    • Downhole geophysics
3. Sample Assay

3. Sample Assay

Valentis, in partnership with Intertek, operates a mineral sample preparation facility in Yangon. Samples are prepared in Yangon and sent to Intertek's international facilties for analysis.


Intertek's facilities host state of the art analytical equipment that provide an extensive range of analytical services. Intertek's facilities are internationally recognised and ISO-accredited.

The laboratory routinely performs:

  • High and low level sample preparation
  • Base metals and multi-elements by various acid digestions/ fusions with ICP-S/MS & AAS finish
  • Gold by fire assay and screen fire assay
  • Commercial Ores and Whole Rock Analysis by XRF and classical techniques
  • Magnetic & Davis Tube testing
  • Consulting services
  • Mine-site laboratories operation and management
  • Mineral inspection and survey services.

Samples are prepared and analysed to strict QA/QC procedures.

4. Drilling Services

4. Drilling Services

Titeline Valentis Drilling Myanmar (TVDM) provides exploration drilling services in Myanmar. TVDM was granted a Myanmar Investment Commission Permit in Myanmar, which recognises Titeline Valentis’ high standards and importance to developing Myanmar’s mining sector.


  • TVDM offers world class diamond drilling (high performance Alton and Man Portable) and RC drilling rig capability in Myanmar.
  • Our drilling rigs utilise the latest technology:
    • Owned and operated gyro
    • Single shot and multi shot cameras
    • Directional software, hole planning
  • We have drilled over 50,000m in Myanmar since 2015.
  • Our team has the most extensive drilling experience in Myanmar and maintain the highest standards of quality and safety.
  • We have worked country wide in Myanmar and base our equipment and warehousing in Mandalay.
5. Geotechnical Services

5. Geotechnical Services

Valentis geotechnical and mining services provides engineering and practical solutions for all phases of projects, from pre-feasibility to design, construction, operation and closure phases. We focus on the impacts of geology on engineered structures and are capable of finding solutions for engineering and environmental issues.


  • Geotechnical Engineering (soil and rock mechanics)
  • Engineering Geology, Geohazards and Risk Assessment
  • Advanced Lab Testing
  • Hydrogeology, Hydrology and Water Management
  • Mine Waste Engineering and Design, Mine Closure Planning
6. Environment

6. Environment

Valentis and Coffey have a strategic partnership to offer a range of environmental and social advisory services in Myanmar.


  • Valentis and Coffey combine Myanmar and international expertise to deliver a range of services including:
    • Environmental and social services
    • Land-use planning
    • Site contamination and remediation
    • Workplace health and safety advisory
  • The strategic partnership also offers support services including geo-spatial, engineering and sustainability services.
  • In 2017, Valentis-Coffey delivered the first EMP for the Hpakhant/Lonekin jade region in Kachin State, Northern Myanmar.
7. Commercial Advisory

7. Commercial Advisory

Valentis has a track record of successfully advising on joint ventures in Myanmar’s mining sector, and has a strong working relationship with key stakeholders (including the Myanmar Government at State and Federal levels).



  • Valentis identifies opportunities for our clients through our teams' country-wide experience and access to local data. We identify:
    • International partners for Myanmar local mining companies
    • Myanmar partners for our international clients
    • Greenfield concession opportunities and brownfield joint venture opportunities


  • Valentis has advised foreign and local companies, including Australia Stock Exchange listed clients on joint venture and farm-ins in Myanmar.approvals.
  • This has involved technical and commercial advisory, and working closely with the Myanmar Government to obtain necessary support and approvals.


  • Assistance with concession applications.
  • Technical and commercial due diligence.

Valentis has undertaken projects for various minerals and deposits
across Myanmar for both Myanmar and international clients.